How do I get your airplanes to work in my RealFlight Simulator program so I can test-fly them?
First click on the link for the file downloads (available for the Slow Stick X, MicroSSX, MSSX Biplane) available from our website. Download the file to your computer, remembering which folder you are saving it to. Go to the “Simulator” menu and select “Import”.
Choose G#X as your file type and select the file you downloaded from my website. You should now see the model in you custom aircraft.

When will you have ARFs of your airplanes?
Unfortunately, we do not have a date set for when ARFs will be available for our models. In the current economy, we feel it is in our young company's best interest to grow slowly without taking great financial risks, which would be necessary if ARFs were purchased abroad, as a large investment would be necessary as minimum orders are quite large. In addition, we are researching ways to be able to produce these ARFs right here in the US, as we strongly believe in keeping as many jobs here in the U.S. as possible.

While there have been delays in providing ARFs, we have taken steps to make the laser-cut build kits, especially of our most popular Slow Stick X, even easier to build and cover. We also have some other new products planned which will make it easier for those who love our Slow Stick X airplane, but are afraid of the building or covering process, to be able to fly a Slow Stick X style airplane.

** If interested in having an SSX custom-built and covered, please contact us. If you purchase the SSX Build Kit Bundle or Short Kit, you may request to have it sent to you in ARF form, for an additional charge of $100 which covers all the labor to build and cover the plane, plus the cost of the covering and workshop supplies. In order to facilitate shipping, the wing will arrive in two half-sections. Delivery time varies, depending on how many other custom plane requests are ahead of yours.

My outrunner motor mount broke when I had a mishap. Should this have happened?
Our outrunner motor mounts are specially designed to be very rigid in order to prevent any unnecessary vibrations caused by the rotating motor. We have fiberglass embedded in the ABS plastic to provide this rigidity. In breaking, the motor mount better protects your motor's shaft. It is much cheaper to replace a motor mount than it is a motor! Plus, we don't know of any manufacturer who would guarantee their products will survive a crash!

What do you recommend in order to keep the screws in my X-Gear set or motor mount from loosening up?
If necessary, we recommend you use a product such as Loc-tite to keep the screws more secure.

The covering on my model looks a little faded or stretched out. Any suggestions?
You can revitalize your plane's covering my lightly going over it with a blow dryer set at low setting or a hobby blower. It is very common for plastic covering, especially during extreme temperatures or temperature variations, to stretch a bit.

What covering do you recommend for your models?
We recommend you use as light a covering as possible, as weight does make a difference in these light park flyers. We like to use Ultracote Lite and the new Park-Lite covering which has proven very easy to apply and comes in many nice colors.

I was having a blast flying my plane and all of a sudden a tree came out of nowhere, causing me to crash! I cracked a few of the ribs and leading edge. Do I have to buy a whole new kit?
You're in luck! Because we manufacture our kits locally, for a fraction of the cost of the whole kit, you can purchase exactly the parts you need to repair your plane. If you have a little more damage, we also sell complete wing or tail repair kits.

I'd love to be able to purchase your products at my local hobby shop. How do we get our hobby shop to carry your products?
We love to make our products available at more hobby shops! It would be a great help if you talked to your local hobby shop owner about our products and direct them to our website. Once they contact us and complete the dealer application, they'll be on their way to becoming an authorized Millennium R/C Dealer.

I can't view your website correctly on my computer.
A few people have contacted us about having problems viewing our site on their computer. We are not sure why this is happening so randomly, but have found that it may be caused by using larger fonts. Try turning off all your Accessibility options under “Internet Options”/ “General”/ “Accessibility” and setting your font to normal or smaller font sizes. We apologize if this is happening on your computer, but would be happy to help answer any questions or take your order by phone or email.
You may also link to our website with an easy-to-remember URL (Fly Electric R/C!):
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