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MicroSSX Biplane
Someone presented James Karpy, President of Millennium R/C with a challenge to develop a biplane following a similar design to his MicroSSX and here it is! Twice the flying fun!

The MicroSSX
Biplane has the same wing span and length as the original MicroSSX, and is similar in that it is aerobatic and can handle the wind fairly well, but the Biplane is capable of sustaining slower flight due to its lower wing loading.

The MicroSSX
Biplane is available as a build kit which includes all the laser cut wood for the wings and tail surfaces, as well as all the necessary hardware, complete instructions and a choice of decals. Choose from the British Roundels or from the German Iron Crosses (pictured below).
Level 2 Build Difficulty (Intermediate)

Flying weight: Approx. 6 1/2 oz. (with recommended setup)
Wing Span: 21 1/2"
Wing Area: 240 sq. inches
Wing Loading: 3.6 oz./ sq. ft.
Length: 18"
The MicroSSX Biplane can be flown with the following recommended power items: Hacker A10-12S motor, Hacker A10-7L motor or equivalent 19 g motor, 730-2S or 730-3S lipo battery and 4 6g or less servos.
Decal choice for the MicroSSX Biplane:
British Roundels
Or German Iron Crosses
CRASHED? Don't worry! Repair parts are available. You may contact us via email or by phone for more information.
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Repair kits also available.
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