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Read the latest Micro3DX review appearing on RC Groups!

Listen to James Karpy's interview on RC Radio Network's AirShow, available as a podcast after 2/16/10.

Look for the review in the AMA's January 2009 issue of
Park Pilot Magazine!

Look for the write-up on Millennium R/C
in the March 2008 issue of the
Model Aviation Magazine!

Check out the SEFF 2008 Supplement included in the August 2008 issue of
RC Sport Flyer which mentions our MicroSSX Biplane and our
Slow Stick X
, as well as their Hot Products section which highlights our new Outrunner Motor Mount and the MicroSSX! COOL!
Millennium R/C's MicroSSX
and SSX Upgrade kits were also listed as part of the "130 Top Product Picks of 2008" in the January 2009 issue of RC Sport Flyer Magazine. The Micro3DX is being featured in a series of build articles in RC Sport Flyer starting with the July 2009 issue and concluding in the November 2009 issue.

Don't miss the October
2008 issue of Fly R/C Magazine which has an awesome review of Millennium R/C's Slow Stick X!

Check out the December 2007 issue
Quiet Flyer magazine
for a complete review
of our MicroSSX

And don't forget to check out Millennium R/C's top-rated forums on R/C Groups.
Millennium R/C "models" appearing in the Higher Plane Production's SEFF 2008 DVD! From left to right, James Dibble, James Karpy, Moses Alicea, Richard Scarborough, Tim Kocher and Gerry Anderson. The SEFF 2009 DVD features the unveiling of Millennium R/C's new SSX Biplane. What's SEFF all about? Watch the video!

Toledo R/C Expo in April 2008

The Weak Signals R/C Expo was a great show for us! James entered his MicroSSX Biplane in the Micro-Biplane model competition and received Third Place.
Check it out!
You may also link to our website with an easy-to-remember URL (Fly Electric R/C!):
Look for Millennium R/C's products in the Model Airplane News 2010 Buyers Guide! (August 2010 issue) available June 2010.

Check out the Wattflyer interview at SEFF 2010 where James Karpy introduced his new SSX
Biplane kit.

Thanks to all our customers who take the time to post their positive comments and great pictures and videos online on sites such as YouTube, RCUniverse, Wattflyer, RCGroups, Facebook and RCHangout!
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