Slow Stick X™ - X-Trainer™ Upgrade "Short" Build Kit - New and improved - easier to build and cover! Kit can be built either as a Slow Stick X or an X-Trainer! Includes all laser-cut balsa and plywood parts needed to complete the aerobatic wing/tail sections. NEW! Now includes rubber band post extenders, aileron push rods, control horns and CA hinges needed to complete the upgrade from the GWS Slow Stick foam plane. Designed to easily replace the foam wings/tail on a Slow Stick. Proudly made in the USA! (Requires a GWS Slow Stick Electric ARF Park Flyer Airplane Kit or fuselage kit, covering and power pack).
As seen on RC Groups,, Fly R/C and Quiet Flyer (RC Sport Flyer) Magazine

The Slow Stick X™ was developed as an upgrade to the floppy foam wings of the GWS Electric Slow Stick R/C Park Flyer. This new design replaces the styrofoam wing and tail of the GWS Slow Stick with a more robust balsa-constructed design, consisting of a fully symmetrical aerobatic wing complete with ailerons, and a tail with rudder and elevator.

Recommended Power Pack items: 400 style outrunner motor, 125-200 watts with 18-20 amp speed control, or equivalent; propeller and battery (1100 - 2200 mAh 3-cell lipo) as recommended in instructions for motor; 4 sub-microservos, such as HS-55 or HS-65; receiver and transmitter.

Kit can be built either as a straight-wing Slow Stick X™ or a dihedral-wing X-Trainer™!

See SSX & X-Trainer Accessories page for a variety of accessories! Call us to check availability of power packs.

Maximum Flying Weight: 23 1/2 oz.
Wing Span: 42 x 12 in.
Wing Area: 504 sq. inches (3.5 sq. ft)
Wing Loading: 6.71 oz./ sq. ft.

Available as a "short" build kit or build kit bundle.

NEW!! Easier to build and cover laser-cut SSX build kit is now available. Assemble like a 3-D puzzle!

As if the original Slow Stick X™ aerobatic plane wasn't good enough, Millennium R/C has launched a new, easier to build and cover version of its very popular Slow Stick X™. This new version makes it even easier for novice builders to put together a great-flying plane. James Karpy got his wheels turning again to come up with a design that kept all the great flying characteristics of the original Slow Stick X™, but that required less sanding and shaping than the original kit, and which simplified the process of covering the wing. Some extras in the new design are the pre-cut slots for the CA hinges (which are also now included in the new kit), the ability to control flight even more by using four servos (which are now neatly tucked on the bottom of the wing), a new stronger, more rigid tail section, as well as a better roll rate thanks to its longer ailerons.
Watch video of custom Slow Stick X™ floatie on pontoons
Slow Stick X ™ and X-Trainer ™
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(new kit instructions start on page 107 of the build thread)
Download our Slow Stick X (with outrunner motor) to your RealFlight Simulator
Download our Slow Stick X (with geared inrunner motor) to your RealFlight Simulator
Slow Stick X™ - X-Trainer™ Complete Build Kit Bundle -
New and improved - easier to build and cover! Kit can be built either as a Slow Stick X or an X-Trainer! Includes everything in the "short" kit, as well as 10mm square carbon fiber fuselage, our new X-Fuse fuselage kit with steerable tail gear, X-Gearlanding gear , motor mount, wheels and decal. (Please specify decal, X-Fuse and X-Gear color preference.). Over a $100 value! (Requires covering and power pack)
The Slow Stick X™ and X-Trainer™ from Millennium R/C
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