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"The guys I fly with have kicked around a few names for our pseudo club. . . I think we are now the Xmen because all we are flying are the Slow X's. We talk about other planes and upgrades, etc., but then we shrug our shoulders and smile because we are so happy with our X's. I mean, really, the cost to fun ratio for what you guys are selling has to be the best deal going."
Gerald from Kelso, WA

"The kit is very well done. The parts fit is superb. . . The SSX did not even require any trim. It flew great right off the bench, so to speak. "
Bob from Arcadia, FL

"This is by far the best laser cutting I have seen in a kit in a long while. . . Just maidened the new Slow-Stick X. Man you have really got a winner here. . . I fly planes from 1/2A to 1/4 scale, and I have to say I have a new favorite in the hangar. I can't believe how much fun this bird is to fly. It's so stable I even felt comfortable letting my 11 year old son do a few touch and goes. . . Thanks for a great upgrade!"
"Nut" from Kathleen, GA

"I've heard stories of your great customer service, but now I'm a believer! Really: What other company out there takes the time to email a customer back regarding anything, let alone care about when the customer gets what they ordered!!! Do me a favor: write a book on customer service and make a few million, would ya?"
Matt from Syracuse, NY

"As I said in your build thread, thanks for the fast shipping, and as I said there this plane is a great flyer, I flew it 5 times at the park this AM and I'm pleased with the performance. Flies slow like a S.S. or open the throttle and hang on!!!!!!"
Dick from San Diego, CA

"Maidened the (SSX) Nite Stick today! Yippeeee! Talk about a non event!!! 2 clicks of right aileron and 2 clicks of down elevator and I was flying it like I'd had it for years! Loops, rolls, inverted, and a flat spin upright and inverted! All on the maiden flight! This thing is Cool! . . .I could not be happier about how this project turned out! "
Richard from Americus, GA

"I found this kit to be very high quality and quick building."
James from Lakewood, CO

"First Off, I would like to tell you guys that you came up with one of the best ideas for making the Slow Stick even better, . . . and holy "" do you guys ship stuff fast!!! If only everybody ran a business as you guys do."
Matt from Richland, MI

"James and Karen have got the customer service down. . . I placed my order on the Monday nite the 4th and the box arrived today, Thursday. "
Ed from Ballston Lake, NY

"I have a lot of good response here on both of the planes. (MicroSSX and MicroBiplane). . .They're both fun, and a lot of oohs and aaahs from the rc community here."
Roland from the Netherlands

"I got the Slow Stick X put together in a couple of days and ready to go. It is a beautiful kit. . . .Today was the day for her maiden flight, finally. Bam, she was airborne. I pulled back on the throttle, a lot, to slow her down, and got her trimmed. What a rush. Oh my gosh, I did stunts that I had only dreamed of doing before. I flew the stuffing out of her. It is the funnest thing I have experienced in a long time. I am talking to my local hobby store about stocking some of your stuff. I hope that works out. I will be doing more business with you soon and for a long time. Thank you for being a part of a wonderful experience for me."
Gerald from Kelso, WA

"Hi Karen and James, It has been a while so thought I would drop you a line and let you know how my planes are flying. They are doing great. I really like the Biplane the best. It is a blast to fly. So far it is still in one piece. . . I will order another Microbiplane kit soon. Thanks for your great service and products."
Spud from Englewood, CO

"Dear Santa Karpy,
The only thing on my X-mas list is a 3DX kit from Millennium RC. I've been a really good boy this year despite any reports you may have heard about me allegedly flying the "Big Iron" airspace at the NEAT this year. Also, reports of me taunting the 3S Mini Swift guys after smoking them with my MSSX is partially exaggerated, I promise. I had a great conversation with the Chief Elf at Millennium today and she agrees that the 3DX clearly tops a Red Ryder BB gun as the perfect X-mas gift. All good boys should have one!! "
DesmoHead (Eric from N. Granby, CT)

"Attached are pictures of what I think I like most about the X-Gear and Fuse. I think you should re-name it X-Bling because it looks sweet. I have about a pound of camera attached to the gear and it is solid. . . Thanks for all the fun. Keep the innovations coming."
Scott from Englewood CO

"I wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much I enjoy flying your Millennium Slow Stick X. As a beginner (I've only been flying R/C aircraft for the past year) it was a natural progression from my GWS Slow Stick. My first "real" aileron trainer. . . I still fly my "regular" Slow Stick all the time (I put cameras on it and shoot aerial video) but the Slow Stick X is when I really want to have FUN when flying! It is SUCH a nice flying airplane - especially at my skill level. . . And I like all the gear that came with the Slow Stick X. So much in fact that just tonight I've ordered another set of your X-Gear to put on "Timex" - my regular Slow Stick/camera platform. . . Thanks again for the GREAT design. I just LOVE my SSX! To the point that I just ordered your Micro SSX ARF tonight. I look forward to getting it in the air!"
Doug from Tulsa, OK

"Just wanted to say thanks for the great business and communication. I will always buy from you, and already recommend you to my flying buddies."
Mike from Hillsboro, OH

"The X-Gear is an awesome product, which I have been recommending to
all my friends with the GWS Slow Stick because it has such a nice, solid feel. Thanks for the innovation."
Justin from Port Royal, SC

"James, What a breath of fresh air! Sunday afternoon, I posted a question about your product. Not expecting any response till later in the week, I was shocked to receive not only a response, but an answer that SOLVED my problem by the time I returned from dinner the same day!! . . . It is truly rare, even when spending a fortune on a product, to find this kind of customer support and much less with just an inexpensive model airplane kit! My hats off to you! I am made to feel very comfortable in any future purchases from MIllennium RC and look forward to my next build! With great appreciation,"
Ricky from Palm Beach, FL
"It's not very often I write a vendor regarding a product purchased. However after using your improved Slow Stick landing gear I felt as thought I must. You see I installed your gear on not only a HEAVY Slow Stick, but one used for COMBAT! Often times mid-airs occur and Slow Sticks become entangled and fall to the ground as one.
This weekend I had no less then 5 mid-airs and in each instance the models fell from the sky on, you bet the landing gear! I'm happy to report that the gear survived just fine! Thanks again for the wonderful Slow Stick accessory. Kindest Regards"
Tommy from East Islip, NY

"My first balsa build...I'm excited! Thanks for your time on the phone. I read nothing but good things about you guys on the ezone forum."
Randy from Greenfield, WI

"Order #2 - Great stuff! I appreciate you and pleast keep making it in the U.S.A. It DOES make a difference for some of us."
Eric from Kilgore, TX

"Thank You for your great customer service! I will let everyone know how fast in response you were . . .Thank You! Your service/commitment to your customers is outstanding!!!!!! "
Chris from Winter Haven, FL

"They should call the SSX the Super Stick X. The guys at the field could not believe the performance. One guy thought his GWS was fast until he saw mine. I talked him into upgrading the wing to the SSX one. I love mine so much that when I damaged the wing I ordered a new plane. I'm rebuilding the old one with lights and water floats as a winter project, but until then I needed one to fly. I went to the NEAT Fair and saw the new mini prototype that will do a knife edge. I'll preorder that one."
Tim from Sandy Hook, CT

"Man, if you guys like the SSX.. You'll love the Micro SSX! "
Jeff from Florence, AL

"Yeah, I agree. The Micro is a completely different animal, but it's up close, in your face, quick as can be and all out fun. The only thing I would change about it if I could is the flight time. 6-8 mins is fine, but its so much fun you hate to land it . . . . I loved mine so much, I bought a second. James provides great service!! And this little plane is one of my favorites to fly. Peppy it is, will whip around the sky and do what you tell it to do quickly. I agree, not a beginners plane, but after you have a little experience flying, you should be able to handle it. "
Brian from Raleigh, NC

"Thought I would drop a note to tell you how much I enjoy my SSX. It flies great. . . Easily climbs straight-up all the way to low voltage cutoff. Anyhow, you have a great product - very high on the fun quotient. Next I'll order a kit so I can build it with lights internal in the wing. Thanks again for the great customer service."
Rob from Phoenix, AZ

"Looking forward to doing more business with you. I deal with 100's of suppliers and vendors monthly and I truly can say your business attitude and sincere caring for your customers is nothing short of "Awesome". Thanks so much and I will recommend you to all my flying friends!"
Dennis from Sun City West, AZ

"Just wanted to say thanks for the great design. My son and I flew our remodeled Slow Stick yesterday for the first time and Wow, what a difference. This thing flies great!!! You guys are great and very helpful on the phone. Keep up the good work. I plan on purchasing the micro stick or micro biplane in the near future to increase my backyard fun when I can not get to the field. Thanks again."
Robert from Cabot, AR

"Two of my brothers and I all fly Slow Stick X airplanes (Florida, Nevada & Indiana) as our plane of choice. . ."
Ken from Kissimmee, FL

"First off! I love my Slow Stick (X)!! . . . Many thanks from one happy flyer!"
Bill from Alpharetta, GA

"Thank you very much for your support. I will plan on making more purchases from you when I return (MSSX Bipe seems very interesting to me and the SSX Trainer for my daughters). You have made a customer for life."
Michael, serving U.S. Army in Afghanistan

"I was the person who called yesterday about purchasing a new wing for my X. . . After getting home with my new wing, I decided to repair my old wing and purchase a servo and hardware and upgrade my 1st SLO-Stick to an X. You can't have too many Millennium X's. Now I will have a red one and a yellow one. By the way, I repaired the broken wing and flew it 4 times July 4th. Thank you for all your help. I hope to meet you in person soon. Please put me on your email list for any upcoming events or products or even helpful hints."
Bill from Tavares, FL

"I was wondering when you will have the ARF version of the SSX Biplane available for sale to the public. I have been looking at your website the last few days and all of your planes look great. I want them all! Thanks for your time and keep up the awesome designs."

"Just wanted to let you know that I just received the micro-ss in the mail, and it looks perfect. I was very impressed by the quality of this kit and will let you know when I start to build how everything goes together. Thanks again."
Sam from Camarillo, CA

"The building of the X Trainer is coming along nicely. I must say that the kit has exceeded my expections."
Jeremy from Canton, NC

"What a great kit. . .The laser cutting is terrific. Everything fits perfectly. I haven't built a kit like this in over 50 years and using CA glue is a new experience. Models have come a long way since the days of U control, etc. It's fun."
Richard from Vonore, TN

"Thanks for the quick service and James, thank you for the extra care in packaging everything. Also, thanks to both of you for the great customer service and advice with my many questions. After looking things over, I just had to take a look at the "SEFF" video. That was a great piece Fred did about your planes. Hope to get started soon on my new "goodies."
Rod from Hixson, TN

"Just wanted to thank you for such a very quick ship and delivery. . . Packaging was excellent. Very neat and ordered. Am building the kit now. Still need to order a motor and esc for it, but look forward to flying her."
Sean from Lauderdale, FL

"I finally got the 3DX together. . . I maidened the plane tonight after work. What a fantastic airplane! It rolls like nobody's business at high rate but tames do a docile sport flyer at low rates. It's so stable that you forget about the small size when in flight. It really doesn't hit home until you land."
Chuck from Lake Oswego, OR

"I would like to thank you very much for such an excelleng building kit. I am extremely satisfied with your product and look forward to future business. I have attached a few photos of my latest SSX build. Thank you also for the "MILLENNIUM R/C" decal. I can honestly say it is a pleasure to display your name on such a fantastic SSX. You guys are awesome and I am definitely pleased doing business with you."
Richard from Tucson, AZ

"I'm building a Micro 3DX and am extremely impressed at the level of engineering and the parts fit. I've been building for about 40 years and can say that hands down this has the best parts fit of any kit I've ever seen. Also, I'm a product designer who works extensively in SolidWorks and totally appreciate that both the kit and the documentation are driven by the excellent solid modelling."
Eric from Bethesda, MD

"It took me about 10 hours to complete the plane (SSX). I built it in one day and flew it the next day. Everyone loves it."
Joe from Cochran, GA

"Thanks for a great product. I love to let folks get comfortable thinking the SSX is a nice smooth ride, and then give it some power and belt out some fast, tight loops. ;)"
Tim from Ferndale, CA

"Lately, all I've been flying is my SSX. All my helis are just hanging on the wall."
Jimmy from Carrollton, GA
We have met the nicest people since we began our R/C business! Thanks for your great support and the encouraging comments.
You make it all worthwhile!

James and Karen from Millennium R/C in Orlando, FL
"J. Karpy makes some of the best planes on the market. I should know. I have 3 of them, and I still need a 3DX."
Tim from Sandy Hook, CT

"I just want to say that the SSX is the most fun airplane I have ever owned - also the most versatile (slow, fast, sport or insane it does it all)."
Jay from Clinton, TN

"Well I finally got my Slow Stick X in the air today, and it was really nice, very smooth, lots of power, great loops and rolls. Lands like a feather. A great flyer!! Handles wind fine."
Joe from Kerman, CA

"Just a quick thank you for such great service. . . I will be placing another order in the very near future."
George from Lake Havasu City, AZ

"Thanks, James. That's good customer service! By the way, I am very impressed with the kit quality and value. If it flies as good as what people say, you have a great product. Humm... Great products and good customer service -- the original formula for success. Thanks again."
Gary from Fullerton, CA

"Thanks for a Sweet Airplane!"
Dennis from Phoenix, AZ

"Just wanted to tell you that I'm having a blast flying the SSX. . . the neighbors have already made an Xgear purchase and the others are on their way to getting the kits. Thanks for making such a cool plane. . . Looks like one third of the neighborhood have jumped on the SSX bus! Everyone loves it! Thanks for being so patient with my numerous questions on the first one. I love the product. Thanks for such a fun and easy plane to fly!"
James from Newberry, FL

"Thanks for giving a second life to my Slow Stick."
Wayne from Bristol, CT

"Finally, a stout and sporty landing gear for the Slow Stick. I like what you've done."
Rob from Homestead, FL
It makes us very happy when our customers enjoy our products so much that they have to try them all. Here's a picture of Roland's Millennium R/C micro-fleet in the Netherlands.
You may also link to our website with an easy-to-remember URL (Fly Electric R/C!):
"Thanks for a great plane! I had a chance to fly my SSX some more. I really like it. Here is a YouTube video of me showing off. The camera guy wants one now! 7Kg&feature=youtube_gdata_player"
Jeremy "pinchflat"

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