X-Fuse™ Parts Set
X-Fuse™ Set Includes:
1. New improved battery mount
2. Improved front and rear wing mounts, stronger and better support for rubber bands (no aluminum rubber band post extenders needed)
3. Customizable servo mounts
4. Adjustable pushrod guide
6. Steerable Nose/Tail Gear Kit (Optional)
7. Fuselage joiner
8. Velcro Strap and double-sided foam tape
9. Necessary screws, nuts and washer
The X-Fuse fuselage system for 10mm square stick airplanes such as the GWS Slow Stick, the Slow Stick X™ and the X-Trainer™ is finally here! This fuselage accessory set is more complete and much improved over the original "D" parts tree used by so many Slow Stick, Slow Stick X™ and X-Trainer™ enthusiasts! Our new set is made of the same strong and lightweight ABS plastic used in our X-Gear™ and is available in a variety of colors (BLACK, BLUE, RED & YELLOW).

Best of all, if you only want the wing mounts, the steerable nose/tail wheel, the servo mounts or the new and improved battery mount, you'll be able to purchase these items individually, without having to purchase a whole new set! Our new X-Fuse™ set is proudly manufactured in the USA!
X-Fuse™ Set - includes all of the items listed above.
(choose with or without steerable nose/tail gear) Available in Black, Blue, Red or Yellow! (DOES NOT INCLUDE WHEEL)

Steerable Nose/Tail Gear Kit - includes pre-shaped wire and hardware needed for assembly. (Wheel & wheel mounting hardware is NOT included). Improve your flying field safety by being able to steer your plane back to the sidelines without having to walk out onto the field while others are flying! May also be used as a Nose Wheel. (DOES NOT INCLUDE WHEEL)
Plastic pieces included in the complete X-Fuse™ with Tail Gear Set are available in either Black, Blue, Red or Yellow to match our X-Gear™!
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